West Coast Athletic Club


The West Coast Athletic Club is a well known and established club with several landmark events in our history.

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Compiled by Don Mackenzie
Input from Gary Thomson and Ian Nienaber
Edited by Gavin Rich

In compiling and trying to reflect as true a record of our Club’s history with little documentation other than Newsletters and using the memories of a few of our Founder members it may well be that some of the data may have some discrepancies to which I offer my apologies but rest assured it is fairly correct.

Also in presenting our Club’s history over 21 years I have attempted to split it up showing references approximately every 5 years taking us right up to the present day.

In compiling this history I can only sum this project up by taking a statement from our first Chairman’s chat in 1992 that John Bell wrote when talking and looking back on what we the West Coast Athletic Club members had achieved this statement sums everything up!

“This year our club will be 6 years old and those of us that have been around for the duration can look back on a mixed bag of fun filled experiences. Whether its been the shared agony of the last few kilometres of Two Oceans or Comrades, the elation of a well earned PB enjoying the magic of the Fish River Canyon, or just plain celebrating in our traditional fashion. It all combines to make jewels in the treasure house of memories that we can pull out and polish to re-enjoy from time to time”.

This statement can now be changed with additions such as “The Puffer” “Three Peaks” or whatever the various West Coast Club members are currently participating in or up to and it does refelect on 21 Glorious Years of the West Coast Athletic Club.

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21 year club birthday

Past Committee

Chairman Dave Johnston

Secretary Xandra Anderson

Treasurer Don Mackenzie

Club Captain Terry Ireland

Vice Captain Brett King

WPRRA Rep Andy Weddell

WPAAA X-C Rep Russell Worthington

Social Captain Kathy Johnston

Public Relations Stacy Clemen

Newsletter Editor Cindy Lange

Registration Clive

Race Organiser Russell Worthington

B.S.F.D. Alan Green

Honoury Auditor Stacey Clemen